For the Perception Action and Cognition Lab Open Science Week, 2017 (University of Leeds) I gave two talks introducing R. You can see the slides below. The code for the slides can be found over at GitHub.

An introduction to R

In this introduction to R I focused on tools from the tidyverse, as well as trying to provide some motivation for learning R. The audience was academics and postgraduates in a psychology department. The links aren’t clickable in the embedded version below, but you can follow this link to open a PDF of the slides in your browser where the links are clickable.

An introduction to analysis in R

For this talk I tried to give the audience a feel for what various sorts of analysis look like in R. The aim was not to teach everything they needed to know to actually implement these analyses, but rather provide an initial overview. As with my introduction to R, the talk was designed for researchers in experimental psychology. Click here to open a PDF of the slides with clickable links.